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Learn more about Arden, a name of 5 letters that starts with A.

Arden - A natural unisex name

Learn more about Arden, a name of 5 letters that starts with A.

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Arden is an intriguing gender-neutral name with its roots in ancient Brythonic, projecting an aura of strength, height, and a fierce spirit. It evokes the majestic highlands, the fiery passion of an ardent heart, the grand expanse of a forest, and the grace of an eagle in flight.

What’s the origin of Arden

Arden originated in England as a surname derived from a place name, and its usage as a given name gained popularity after its appearance in Shakespeare’s “As You Like It,” where it was the name of a magical forest.

What’s the meaning of Arden

Meaning “high” or “highland” in Brythonic, Arden also resonates with the idea of “burning” or “fiery,” akin to the Latin “ardere,” adding a layer of passion and intensity to its symbolism.

Variants of Arden

  • Ardin
  • Ardenn
  • Ardin
  • Ardine

Similar names


Arden (AHR-den) is a slightly difficult name to pronounce with a pleasant sonority

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