How does it work?

In few simple steps you can find the perfect name for your little one

Define the base

Define your base preferences like gender, languages and country.

Tune-in the model

Choose based on different attributes from the AI-suggested names

Swipe the perfect name

Swipe left to discard, swipe right to like, view the name details or ask our AI-guide to answer any question

Like & Repeat

Get new suggestions based on the names you liked or reset the model and start again

Out of quota?

Our AI-powered guide sometimes needs your help...

Diapers per suggestions

One generated set of names equals to 1 diaper

Diapers per chat

Asking questions also requires diapers (1 diaper per 2 questions)

Watch and AD get a diaper

When you watch or get an AD, the AI will generate 3 diaper for you.

Go Pro or Unlimited

Any paid pacakage will get you unlimited access to chats and pro-features