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Main features

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We use the power of AI to find the name that fits your preferences but also to help answer any question

Personalization options

Define your preferences and get customized recomandations that fits your needs

All the name details

Discover all the attributes and facts of any name or use the AI-guide to answer any question you might have

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Save your prefered names and share them with your love ones.


What does this app do?

It guides you through the process of choosing a name for your future baby by recommending names that fits you (e.g "Original names", "Names that work in English and German", ...) or answering any questions about a name ("Does this name has a nickname?", "Does it mean something nasty in any language?"). Everything in a simple and user-friendly interface

How many names do you have?

We have a huge database of names from trusted sources but in addition our AI will happly come up with creative, original or funny names if you like, names for boy, girl or unisex, our AI will find any name.

Is it available for my device?

Our app is designed for compatibility across various devices and platforms (Android, iOS, Web), ensuring accessibility whether you're using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

What makes this app different from others?

Step away from the conventional baby name books and embrace a personalized, interactive naming experience. Our AI-powered tool seamlessly blends modern technology with the profound significance of naming your child. Allowing you to ask any question and find the right name.

Are there any costs involved?

The app and the web are free to use but with limited quotas and features. Check our pricing for unlimited usage and advance features.