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Learn more about Enno, a name of 4 letters that starts with E.

Enno - A natural boy name

Learn more about Enno, a name of 4 letters that starts with E.

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Enno, a name of Frisian origin, carries the strength of the sword, the fearlessness of the eagle, and the haunting whispers of fright. It’s a name that echoes through history, commanding respect and attention.

What’s the origin of Enno

Enno is a Frisian given name derived from the Old High German name Eginhard or Einhard, meaning “strong through the sword”. Additionally, it is believed to originate from the Frisian element “arn”, meaning “eagle”.

What’s the meaning of Enno

Enno’s meaning is multifaceted. Its primary interpretation, “strong through the sword”, evokes images of a warrior’s prowess and unwavering courage. Alternatively, it can mean “fright”, instilling a sense of caution and alertness. Lastly, its connection to the Frisian word “arn” imparts a majestic and soaring quality, akin to the fierce and noble eagle.

Variants of Enno

  • Eno

Similar names


Enno (EH-noh) is a slightly difficult name to pronounce with a soft sonority

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